Ngaiire Previews New Album Tracks

Ngaiire will be previewing some new tracks off her forth-coming album ‘Blastoma’ produced by Paul Mac & Jack Brittan. May 27th at Howler, Melbourne. Tickets here . Ngaiire-digi-poster_small HowlerMay27th- copy

More info here

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Ngaiire plays Surfer’s Paradise

Ngaiire will join Sneaky Sound System, Phil Jamieson, Bonjah, The Kite Machine and many more for Surfer’s Paradise Live Festival on May 8th. Admission is FREE.

Ngaiire to Play ‘I’m New Here’

Ngaiire will play new festival I’m New Here at Shadowfax Wines in Werribee, VIC half an hour outside Melbourne this Sunday 22nd March. Tickets available here .


Ngaiire plays Hong Kong Arts Festival

Ngaiire has just returned from a successful tour to Hong Kong with the Barefoot Divas for HK Arts and Culture Festival. The BFDs triumphantly sold out the 2000 seater HK Arts Centre. 18496_821504504565683_8366013096214274223_n

Front Page of The Syd Morning Herald Spectrum

last week for Spectrum Now festival in Sydney.11021521_821865177862949_6357112820405779601_n

Ngaiire At Melbourne Music Week

Ngaiire plays a FREE show for MMW tomorrow night at Ding Dong Lounge with Jakubi and Spender.

Ngaiire Summer Dates

Ngaiire will be doing a few shows over the Summer whilst finishing her album…


Ngaiire To Support Black Seeds

Tickets here

Poster Syd-Melbs-with Ngaiire

Ngaiire At Brisbane Festival

Ngaiire plays free show at Brisbane Festival this Saturday 6th September. FREE